Julia Neiman

The Youth Entrepreneur Empowerment Coach

Empowering teens and young adults to monetize their passions and create their dream life.

The Monetize Your Passion Academy is OPEN!

Click here to get your free 3 Step Reality check directly from the new program, then schedule your one-on-one strategy call with me to learn about this program to guide the teens in your life onto the path toward economic freedom.

I am so excited about this award as it’s from my community. I live in a fabulous town with great people and am proud to serve on the Agua Dulce Disaster Planning committee as well as be a part of the Acton-Agua Dulce Disaster Resiliency Coalition.

If you desire to make a good living working with teens

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I am proud to serve as both an Ambassador and as Treasurer on the board of directors of Parenting 2.0’s humanitarian organization, The Global Presence. If you are a teacher or life skills educator, we invite you to join us to raise awareness of third party education of life skills around the world.

Parenting 2.0

Where every adult is recognized as “raising humanity” and children’s Life Skills Averages are as valued as their Grade Point Averages.

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