A free workbook from Julia Neiman to help you prioritize what matters most to you!

Pick from the Passion Tree - the things you love most in life - and you'll find that you can have the life, career, business, or relationship you want effortlessly!

The FREE Pick Your Passion Workbook includes:

  • The ten most important questions you need to ask to identify what matters most to you.
  • Two easy steps you can take RIGHT AWAY to create a business or career based on your passion.
  • 10 steps you can use to bring passion into your current business and life while you create the life you want.

I'm Julia Neiman...

I teach teens, young adults, and families how to create a successful financial future doing what they love...


Do you work with teens or young adults who need more stability in their life?  Do you want to teach a family member or teen how to create a future doing what they love?  If so, let's work together!


We are currently taking pre-registrations for partners for the Monetize Your Passion Academy.  If you are passionate about entrepreneurship, helping at-risk youth and young adults, and being an ambassador for a great team - start here!


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