I’ve been very fortunate to have been interviewed by some very interesting people. I hope that you will listen and leave some feed back below.

Here’s an interview with Sushant Misra of TrepTalks on Blog Talk Radio – August 2013

Interview with Julia Neiman

This is my interview Robert Kennedy III on his “What Success Looks Like Show” on Google Hangouts – May 30, 2013

This link leads you to an interview with Ryan Harris of Prosperity Radio – May 2013 http://prosperityradio.com/2692/monetize-your-passion-for-youths.htm

This link takes you to a recording of me being interviewed by Marlaine Cover from Parenting 2.0. The interview was for The Youth Empowerment Telesummit in the Spring of 2013 https://www.dropbox.com/s/cgmvcc4j8c3focu/18%20JuliaNeiman-R1.mp3


This is my interview Robert Kennedy III on his “What Success Looks Like Show” on Google Hangouts – May 30, 2013


This interview is from July 19, 2012 on the blog talk radio show with Sarah Newton from The Youth Success Show in London, England and Linette Daniels of Empowering Youth For Success in the United States.
I enjoyed the interview very much. There was no rehearsal, no agreement of what the questions would be, and no discussion of any kind prior to the interview. It was totally off the cuff and I think it turned out fairly well.
So, today, in my own voice, you can hear me talking about Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs. I hope you listen. It’s approximately 36 minutes – I come in at about 5 minutes into the show.
Thank you in advance for having a listen. I’d appreciate any feedback or comments you have to offer.

Check out my interview with Sheila Callaham from Magnetize Success about nurturing spirituality in children and teens on the member page at her website: http://www.magnetizesuccess.com July 2011

This interview is with Debra Berg, nonprofit consultant and author of The Power of One. This extraordinary book features stories about civic entrepreneurs – ordinary heroes doing what needs to be done to solve the problems in their communities. Debra interviewed me several years ago regarding a charitable project I was trying to build. I should tell you that the project was so close to fruition, however, in the end, we were not able to pull the funding together. You can listen to the interview here. 2006


The topic here is self esteem. You’ll find this article in the Experts Corner on the Esteem Publishing Website. December 2010