Attention Youth Coaches and Providers of Teen Programs

Are you concerned about the chances of your teen clients to find a job?

Discover How To Empower Teens To Go From Jobless to Job Creator!

The Monetize Your Passion Blueprint:
Empowering Young Entrepreneurs
is HERE!

If you answered yes to any of these questions then The Monetize Your Passion Blueprint: Empowering Young Entrepreneurs is for you.  This unique program offers solutions to the challenges your clients face on a daily basis.

Why train teens to be entrepreneurs?

The Harvard Graduate School of Education/National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship found that,

“Youth who are taught about entrepreneurship show a positive change in attitude and strong success orientation, and are more likely to be focused on academic and professional achievements, aspirations, and leadership.”

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I am incorporating the exercises in this program with my personal teaching style and I would say that it is pretty successful. The young people are interested, encouraging one another and discovering themselves out loud! I feel like this program is giving me a chance to know them better and they get a chance to know me better, thus, making our working relationship stronger. Some of the script made me feel more empowered as a leader and, I must say, that I am excited!

Danelle Washington
First Steps for Youth

Julia Neiman - the Youth Entrepreneurship Coach

Free 3 Step Reality Check

Work through these exercises from Module 1 of The Monetize Your Passion Blueprint to learn what your clients will experience to learn where they need to make adjustments to break through to success.

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The Monetize Your Passion Blueprint: Empowering Young Entrepreneurs

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