Our newest program, The Monetize Your Passion Blueprint: Empowering Young Entrepreneurs, trains coaches, life skills professionals, teachers and nonprofit service providers to teach youth to create an entrepreneur business around their passions and dreams for their life. You can learn more about the program here and get access to the first session of the program, or contact Julia at julia@julianeiman.com to learn more.

If you would like to support this program with a donation, there is a donate button at the bottom of this page. Also, if you would like to become a sponsor of the program, you can find a copy of the sponsor information by clicking here.

Here are some highlights from our other programs:

Taking a break from working hard and having fun at a wildlife preserve where we helped paint fences, do weeding and clean the cat cages. It was also educational as we learned a lot about big cats and awesome as we even got to feed them and touch them.A cat’s eye view of the environment. We learned about cat health and safety and how it is essential to have a clean environment in order to protect the health of the animals and the safety of the humans who care for them.

Group Home Consultants, a nonprofit, public benefit corporation, EIN # 95-4857955, was incorporated in 2001 to make a difference in the lives of foster and probation youth. We have been helping child care professionals to transform foster care environments into a more traditional family setting. We provide essential training on many topics. In working with the youth, we teach emancipation and independent living skills, we assist with housing, employment, education and other service needs.

Our new program, Empowering Young Entrepreneurs, provides financial literacy training coupled with small business skills training and assistance to help our youth start their own business. It is our intention to help our youth create a successful future without having to be dependent on social services.

This program is essential for youth that have mental health issues or are on probation. Many of them cannot obtain or maintain mainstream jobs and this program teaches them the skills they need to provide for themselves. Whenever possible, we provide computers and other affordable technology required for a home based business.

Group Home Consultants also assists homeless teens and young adults by helping them to find emergency-to-permanent housing and obtaining food, clothing, medical assistance and other needed services.

The program consists of the following components:

1. The Teen Coaching Program:

A program to empower youth to articulate their passion for the kind of dream life they want, teach them the skills to pursue those dreams and create an action plan to move forward.

2. Counseling:

Counseling will include anger management, conflict resolution and developing critical thinking skills. Counselors will include professionals as well as peers.

3. Case Management:

A professional case manager will assist youth to identify appropriate resources in the community to fulfill each action or goal they have identified for themselves. Goals will be compatible with best practices and measurable outcomes.

4. Mentors:

Mentors will hold the youth accountable for moving forward on their action plan. Additionally, mentors will provide opportunities for social, recreational and community service experiences.

Learning independent living lessons about gardening, nutrition and ecosystems:

Teaching organic gardening to our youth. Using a permaculture approach we made our own soil and learned how to sow seeds to optimize a healthy garden. We ended up with a fertile garden and a lot of great food to eat.

Working hard and having fun!

Ending up with this!

Our kids have been eating fresh fruits and vegetables they planted and cared for. Many of them had never eaten home grown food right out of the ground and were very surprised by the wonderful experience.

We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to Seeds of Change and Territorial Seed Company for their generous donations of certified organic and heirloom seeds that made our garden magical.

If you see the importance of providing our youth with opportunities for positive, fundamental, permanent transformation, we would appreciate whatever financial support you can provide. We have provided a PayPal button below.

We are also seeking sponsors for our program. We are looking for promotional opportunities as well as financial sponsorship and assistance with fundraising. Whether you are a corporation or a small business, if you include us on your website and in your newsletter, we will include you in our material as well and advertise your brand whenever we make banners or send out other promotional material.

If you value the work we do with foster youth, former foster youth and other transitional age at-risk youth, we would appreciate a donation so that we can continue providing much needed services. You can donate through Paypal using the donate button, or you can send a check to Group Home Consultants, 34162 Agua Dulce Canyon Rd., Agua Dulce, CA 91390.