Action: The Key To Success

The word action has come up a lot in the past few days so I thought it would be a good idea to look at why action is the key to success.

Adam Urbanski said, “The difference between successful people and the wannabes is simple: successful people do what needs to be done when it needs to be done – regardless of how they feel about it at the moment. The wannabes just complain and come up with all kinds of BS how life should be easy and everything we want should just effortlessly appear for us! Sorry, that’s not the way it works! If you want something – go get it!”

Nothing in business or life gets done unless you take some action.

Most of us know or have at least heard of the law of attraction.  Some people imagine you can just think positively and things will come to you.  This isn’t true.   It’s fantasy.  The law of attraction is not wishful thinking, nor is it just positive thinking.  Making your dreams come true and attracting what you want requires you to put energy into making it happen – taking action.  This is called determination.  Determination is the combination of time, energy and actions.  Without determination nothing happens.

The universe will not give you what you want without you taking some action.  When your action is inspired by your desires and dreams, you are demonstrating that you really want what you say you desire.  This puts you in alignment with the law of attraction and you will begin to see what you want start to come to you.  Action is like searching for buried treasure; you know it is there to find and you are digging with determination to find it.

Actions that are uninspired are time wasters.  Time wasters don’t create an alignment with our dreams and desires which means we aren’t going to get what we say we want.  This form of action leaves you with the wannabes that Adam mentioned.

My spiritual teacher once said that waiting doesn’t mean sitting around waiting for something to happen, it means doing something toward making it happen until it does happen.  So what are you “waiting” for?

“You are never given a dream without the ability to make it come true.  That ability includes your willingness to do what it takes. Marcia Wieder


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Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. - July 27, 2012

Too many people misconstrue the meaning of the statement… “All good things come to those who wait”. It does not mean – do nothing, be patient, and you will be rewarded. No, it means, work diligently, stay focused, and stop b…hing that it didn’t happen already.

Loved the post.
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    Julia - July 27, 2012

    Thank you Roy. How did we (humans in general) miss learning the meaning or concept of the word wait? Predator animals certainly know how to “wait.” You can see that in how they stalk the prey, then take the stance to pounce are fully focused on the prey’s movements, and even though they are still, they are ready to move in an instant. Being still doesn’t mean they are doing nothing, they are waiting in readiness for that moment that will provide the best opportunity of success.

      Adam Urbanski - July 28, 2012

      Julia, that’s why patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, the industrial and information age diminished our capacity for patience. In fact, only three generations back many of our ancestors derived their livelihood (at least in part) from some sort of farming activities. They certainly knew about patience. None of them would even dream of planting the seeds and expecting the harvest the next day.

      Instead, they looked forward to months of tending to their crops before the harvest. Sadly, most people have lost that ability to plan, plant and tend to their goals so they can reap the rewards. But hey, that’s were we come in – meaning teachers, coaches and mentors. 😉

        Julia - July 28, 2012

        I was never a very patient person however, my work with at-risk youth forced me to develop patience. I can still be impatient about some things but have a world of patience when I need to. And I’ve taken up organic gardening in the past three years and love the nurturing part of the experience. I’m patiently waiting for the grapes on the vine to be ready to eat. It’s a good analogy for working on our goals and building our business.

        I love a good discussion. Thank you for replying to Roy. Recently I left a comment for someone who was reaching out for help on another parenting coaches blog. She told me she thought it was inappropriate for me to respond to that person because he posted on her blog and not mine. She missed a great opportunity for a meaningful discussion on her blog. So many people do not get the Law of Attraction even though they “teach” it to others.

    Adam Urbanski - July 28, 2012

    Roy, most people miss the second part of the quote… “Good things come to those who wait… but only the things left over by those who hustle!” 😉

Adam Urbanski - July 27, 2012

Julia, thanks for sharing my quote with your audience; I’m so glad it inspired you to write this article.

There are so many things that confuse people about what many call the LOA that, sadly, it ends up hurting more people than it helps. For example, you mentioned the “inspired action”. It drives me nuts when I hear people use this term without fully understanding it. Let me explain.

You used another great quote from my good friend Marcia Wieder: “You are never given a dream without the ability to make it come true.” That means that when a person is clear about what they want to accomplish, they get frequent “insights” or “inspirations” or simply ideas how to proceed to make their dreams/goals a reality. That doesn’t mean those actions are easy to take, effortless, and that the person knows exactly how to take that action. It’s simply an idea that we get that we intuitively feel will move us toward the desired result.

Now, most confused the term “inspired” with “feel good”. So, even whey they know exactly what to do, they often say something like “I don’t feel inspired to do this”, meaning “they don’t feel like doing it.”. This goes back to my original thought you quoted. Successful people act on their ideas (a.k.a. “inspirations” or “inspired actions”) even if it’s hard, inconvenient, scary, and if they don’t have all the required know-how to start with. They just TAKE ACTION because they know it’s going to move them in the right direction.

Wow, Julia, I better end this now before I get too revved up! Keep up the great work! I appreciate YOU! 😉

    Julia - July 28, 2012

    You’re inspired when you get revved up Adam. I’m glad you expounded on the term “inspired action.” I use it to mean that one is inspired by their dreams or even just their ideas to take action because they really want what they dream. And you are right that isn’t often easy. Thank you so much for reading the article and being generous with your time to add to the discussion.

    And while I can’t say Marcia is a good friend, I do know her personally and have benefited from a few of her programs. I also worked on the project to adapt her 90 Days To Transform Your Life Program for teenagers.

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