Laying The Foundation For Success

Building a business is like building a house or other structure.  You start with the foundation and build up.  You have to even out the ground, lay out the outline of the bottom floor and pour the cement.  When you are done, you have the foundation.  Then you build the frame of the structure, put the roof on, install the plumbing and wiring, finish the walls then get to the smaller details until your house is complete.

The next step is to turn that house into a home.  You need to decide on paint color, furniture and the like.  Once everything is in place, you have successfully built a new home.

In business, evening out the ground is equivalent to deciding what business you will have and doing the research necessary to make informed decision.  Laying out the outline of your business consists of making decisions on the name, what your URL will be, or whether or not to have a website or other tools.

Next, setting up the systems for your business, the website, an autoresponder and other systems is pouring the cement for the foundation.

To frame your business requires determining your sales funnel; what will your products be?  What will you give away to attract people to your business?

Creating your products and having them ready to sell is putting the roof over your head and finishing the walls.

Now to turn your venture into a real business, you need to find customers/clients; you must build your list and create and work a marketing plan.

Finally, to make your business a home, you need to invite people over.  Once your customers/clients start visiting, you can call your business your home and it is time to have a housewarming party.

Welcome home.

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sara - July 25, 2012

What a great analogy for building a business. I like the idea of a “welcome home” party for a business. I guess that is similar to the grand opening is it not?
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    Julia - July 25, 2012

    Yes Sara, it is exactly like the grand opening. I started out writing about something else but this is what happened instead. I’m glad you liked the analogy, it really seemed to mesh in my mind at least.

      sara - July 26, 2012

      Sometimes that happens – you get an idea for a post and it morphs into something entirely different – almost like it gets a life of its own. 🙂
      sara recently posted…25: 15 Crafty, Handmade, Crochet Link UpsMy Profile

        Julia - July 26, 2012

        Exactly Sara.

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