Making Difficult Choices in Business

choicesSometimes we get so busy doing things that we think are necessary for our business and often they are.  However, there comes a time when we have to step back and ask ourselves these questions:

Are the things I am doing enhancing my business or taking away from it?

Is doing these things the best use of my time?

What can I be doing that would be more effective?

Right now I have just launched one product – The Youth Empowerment Telesummit Downloads and CDs which are also being posted at JV Zoo, I am launching my new book, Pick From the Passion: Empowering Young Entrepreneurs to Start a Business next week, and shortly after that I am launching my new year-long program, The Monetize Your Passion Blueprint – Empowering Young Entrepreneurs.

I’m very busy writing copy, posting on social media, and recruiting affiliates to help me sell these products and blogging.  I am also an affiliate for other people who are launching their new things right now as well.  I’ve been promoting some of them like crazy because, after all, I would earn a commission on anything they sell as a result of my referral. 

Today I had to step back and ask myself if this is a good use of my time?  And actually, it isn’t.  I did have a few referrals sign up for a free webinar I’ve been promoting and hopefully they will sign on to the paid course that follows or buy some product from the seller.  It’s great product, fabulous information too, but the majority of the folks that follow me aren’t looking for this information, so the chances are that they won’t buy.  Still, I couldn’t say no to this promotion.

Another friend in an entirely different field – health – is promoting her new program and she’s been promoting for me, so reciprocating is a no brainer.  Besides, most of my followers are interested in health and how to reduce stress, as am I.  That makes more sense to me, so watch for these promotions because I’ll be posting them soon.

The answer to my questions is that doing other promotions right now is NOT the best use of my time for two reasons; one because it’s taking time away from creating copy and planning my own promotions, and two because all this work may or may not yield any return on the investment I’m making with my time.

My dilemma though, is that I can’t say no to these folks who are asking me to help because they help me.  So, I’m still promoting and hoping that will pay off in commissions, and I’m working longer hours and am more tired working on my own projects.

There aren’t always easy choices even when the answers to our questions tell us we should be doing something different.

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Thank you for stopping by and for your support.

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Hilarie - April 25, 2013

You are so right! It’s crucial to stop and reflect regularly in our business to make sure we’re on track with our true objectives and not just reacting to whatever is going on around us. It’s difficult to remember to do that a lot of the time, because things get busy. Thanks for sharing!

    Julia - April 25, 2013

    Thank you for your comments Hilarie. I have a tendancy to react to things going on around because I just want to be helpful and supportive and often I have a hard time saying no. I need to get better at that.

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