The Art of Business

Here’s something slightly different from me today and perhaps for the next few days: thoughts about business and entrepreneurship on a different level that I learned from my spiritual teacher years ago.

Business done well is an art.  The art of business is the ability to see the future and its needs.  The needs of the future present themselves as energy resources.  Energy resources can be in the form of natural energy or services, and products.  Energy resources can be physical or mental.  Examples of physical energy resources would include massage, yoga, a catered meal, or any service that provides something that is physical.

Mental energy resources are the basis and foundation of all business.  Literature is the form or language of mental energy resources.  All ideas are organized through forms of literature, which prepare the idea for verbal presentation.

It takes a creative mind to perceive the future from a business perspective.  Creativity is the ability to communicate and express ideas as complete images of thought.  In order to be a successful creative mind in expression on a business level, the ideas must be integrated and organized.  This means that the most successful creative business minds are advanced literary minds who have an organized understanding of the material world and its capabilities.

It is the spirit which is creative and gets in touch with ideas from being able to concentrate on thought frequencies to see the idea clearly, yet to materialize the idea there must be an understanding of the material world.  The material world is very crowded.  For this reason one must learn to avoid the crowded places in climbing to the top of the pyramid of the business world .

Does this post leave you confused or are you connecting to a deeper level of understanding?  Can you see the principles of the Law of Attraction in this post?

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Veronica Campos-Hallstrom - January 7, 2013

Wonderfully written, I read it twice and slowly in order to digest. Business does need the incorporation of creativity. It is our creative thoughts that make us stand out.

    Julia - January 7, 2013

    Thank you for your positive feedback Veronica, it’s very much appreciate. It is creativity that sets us apart from the crowd. Without it we would just be a part of the masses waiting for something to happen.

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