The Kick Starter Strengths Assessment

I talk a lot about identifying your passion and building a business doing what you love.  There’s another element that is just as important as having passion in your business and that’s leveraging your strengths.  It is never a good idea to try to build a business around something your strengths are not a good fit for.

For example, you don’t want to become a personal exercise coach if you don’t enjoy exercise, or be a professional writer if you don’t have command of the language or can’t read well.

There are many tests out there that you can take to help identify your personality type, your intelligence level, your IQ and more.  Most of them require that you pay a fee to access them.  I found one that is perfect for young people in particular from Andrea Samadi of  She calls it the Kick Start Assessment and it is designed to help your teen identify their natural strengths.  Knowing what your strengths are provides that extra boost of motivation and allows teens to focus their energies in a productive way to succeed with their goals and dreams.

This assessment is free and you can find it here –  You’ll find the link to the assessment below the video on the left side of the page.

I hope you’ll encourage your teens to take the assessment.  Not only will it help pinpoint their strengths, it can serve as a great conversation starter for you to have a more indepth communication with them.  Also, I took the assessment and found it useful for myself.  It was validation of most of what I thought my strengths are.

I hope you’ll post the results after taking the assessment.  I’d love to hear about your and your teens experience with it.

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