The Top 7 Keys for Winning in Life and Business

The topic for today’s lesson in the Empowering Young Entrepreneurs series comes to us from Adam Urbanski of Millionaire Marketing Mentors and The Overnight Authority.  Adam has coached over 50,000 entrepreneurs, many of whom have reached the millionaire milestone.


Most of these keys may seem familiar to you as we have discussed them in one post or another over the past 24 days.  I thought it important to reinforce these keys to success as both a reminder and a summary of some of the things we’ve discussed so far.  These keys are as effective when applied to the way you live your life as their are to your business.

1.        Focus on your dream.

Always keep your dream in mind when building your business.  Make It as real as possible by visualizing, create a vision board or just post photos of your dream as reminders.  Move toward those images every single day.

2.        Take action fast.

Once you have your business idea, do not wait to take action.  Brainstorm ideas, use the Get Stuff Done Tool to organize your To Do List and get to work creating your business right away.

3.        Put yourself in a place where you are most likely to succeed.

Figure out what you do in your life that wastes time and cut it out right now.  Find a place where you can focus and concentrate on what you have to do, a place with few distractions.  Then get to work.

4.        Keep it Simple Silly (KISS).

Don’t make the actions you take difficult or confusing.  Simple steps with simple systems will get you there faster and more efficiently.

5.        Passionately share your convictions.

Do you know the difference between an expert and an authority?  An expert shares their findings, authorities share they opinions.  Which will you be, the expert or an authority?  Talk from your knowledge and your heart; know your stuff and people will listen to you.

6.        Failure is not an option.

As Thomas Edison said, he didn’t fail 700 times, he found 700 ways his idea wouldn’t work before he found the one way that would work.  Don’t allow your mistakes to set you back or worse yet to give up.  Never quit, ever.

7.        Believe in your own message.

If you don’t believe in your own message, no one else will buy into it either.

I hope this review is of value to you and reminds you of what is important when building your business.


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Minette Riordan - July 24, 2012

I always appreciate your articles as my kids come up with business ideas and continue their path to self-esteem and success. At the same time, I need these reminders too. The more I can model this type of entrepreneurship to my kids and they can see it action – both my successes and challenges, the better equipped they will be as adults to succeed in business and in life!!
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    Julia - July 24, 2012

    Thank you for your comments Minette. As a parenting coach I always tell my parents that being a good role model is the number one top discipline strategy. Our kids learn by watching what you do.

    I don’t know if you signed up at my site yet, but I’ll be sending out some empowering tools soon, plus the ebook that is being developed as a result of this blog challenge. It’s going to go out free to anyone who is on my list at the time of it’s release on or about September 1. I don’t send lots of email – I’ll be starting to send one per week soon so you don’t have to be concerned about being overwhelmed with my emails.

    Thank you again for reading.

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