There’s a Traffic Jam on the Internet Super Highway!

Now that you have researched your competition, you are probably feeling like everyone and their brother has jumped on the online highway and there is no room left for you.  Well, the truth is that everyone and their brother has jumped on this highway and you need to find a way to be the lead heading on down that road.

My personal business coach, Rich German of Epic Coach Academy, has an answer for getting around this traffic jam – “create, don’t compete.”

Depending on your niche, you may have a lot of competition and the way to stay ahead of the crowd is to create new and useful products.  Rich tells his clients that the facts, at least the way he sees them are:

•   Most people will quit before the payoff (meaning they’ll quit too soon).

•   Most people lack the patience and consistency required to succeed.

•   You have a unique gift and it is your duty to put it out there, and

•   No one can do it as good as you are going to do it.

He also says this, “Even though we’ve been programmed for mediocrity, we clearly have the option to rise above it.  When you establish yourself a true expert in your passion—through time, patience, consistency, dedication, and devotion—you will rise to the top.  You will monetize, you will make a serious impact, you will be happy, and it will be fun.”

The fact of the matter is Rich is right!

In our next article, we’ll talk about a sales funnel and the various levels of products you can create to put you at the head of crowd in your field.

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Kama - October 29, 2012

We can get so caught up in the competition can’t we. It is so important not to worry about what others are doing, how many new likers they have or how many followers they have. If you look at the websites of many who are succeeding you will notice that they are often the most basic of sites. Why? Because, as you said, these people are out creating services, products and fun lives.
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    Julia - October 29, 2012

    Yes, Kama, some people really do get caught up in the competition. I’ve never been a competitive person so in this case, I have a slight advantage. I do check to see what other people are doing, even sign up to receive their updates and emails, but I believe both that I have a lot to offer and that there’s room for all of us in business.

    Thank you for commenting and your support.

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