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Here is another lesson I learned many years ago from my spiritual teacher:

Material flow has to do with marketing your personality for a job or selling a service or product independently.  Your personality includes your skills and abilities because the personality reflects the whole person.  Material flow creates money and cash flow is the way the money is used to create more money.  Your personality is the magnetic attractor of material flow.

Everyone that has jobs or whose business serves the markets of the middle class or the poor are in danger of not being able to sustain an income.  The only jobs or businesses that will be secure will be those that have the rich as their market.  The rich have become a separate society of the rich providing for the richer.

The secret of being rich and being happy is not having any more than is needed.  So if you want a lot of money, you have to create a positive purpose for being rich in which the money is used well and wisely for purposes larger than just having wealth to buy stuff.

This lesson came into my life sometime in the 1980s.  At that time my spiritual teacher, told me that people with jobs, unless they are top executive jobs with top Fortune 500 companies, will see their incomes drops, their benefits fall away and their jobs disappearing altogether and that there would be little or no possibility to recover from that.  He predicted that the middle class, which was very strong during that decade and most of the next, would wither and shrink to become very small and the poor would increase in great numbers.

Today, we see exactly that.  I’m gratified to see so many people turning to entrepreneurship as that is the way to a more secure future for many who walk that path.  Some of us will get rich and some of us will be comfortable, and in that way we will escape being poor.

Where are you on this path?  Are you making good decisions and wise choices?  Have you worked to improve your personality?

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Dot Hurley - January 7, 2013

I think its very important to have a ‘big why’ for why you want money, in contrast for wanting it ‘just because’. Money is just another form of energy transfer which allows you to get on with achieving your real purpose. I also think it is important to let it flow. Whenever I spend / invest in something I always think of it as allowing the receipient to continue in their work.
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    Julia - January 7, 2013

    Got it in one Dot! I’m always so happy when I know someone who understands this lesson. If everyone let it flow, money would not be an issue on this planet. It’s amazing to me that toward the later part of their lives the ultra rich in America that created the mega corporations became philanthropists. They all studied with Napolean hill and even though they were rivals, they came together to mastermind about some things. Unfortunately, those lessons were not passed on to their corporations who turned into a very greedy bunch leaving many in this world struggling. Thank you for adding to the conversation.

Retha Groenewald - January 7, 2013

Very interesting post. Sometimes we are poor not due to lack of money, but being poor in spirit.
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    Julia - January 7, 2013

    Exactly Retha. One’s spirit will either propel them forward or hold them back. I find this lesson to be valuable because in order to be truly happy when you have a lot of money, there has to be a balance in how you use it. Selfish people are rarely happy and those who give are able to find joy in giving and helping others and that makes them happy. It’s a lesson that Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet and some other really rich people have learned. They must have read Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.

Nanette Levin - January 7, 2013

You raise some great points to think about, Julia. I’m not so sure it’s coming down to rich or poor. The issues I see (at least around here) as critical are debt and food supply. People who continue to live beyond their means are suffering – and it’s going to get worse. Government incentives have been in the wrong place for farming for a long time. We’re already seeing issues with livestock forage availability as most every crop around here has been switched over to GMO corn or soy. I suspect growers able to hang on (there is also the issue of mega-corporate farm land grabs with little concern for the environmental impact of their practices) and the communities that support them will be in better shape than most in the future. It will be interesting to see what develops.
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    Julia - January 7, 2013

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. There’s capitalism at work for you, trying to poison all of us to make a buck. People are starting to wake up, however, they haven’t found their power yet. There’s a new documentary out made by the heir to the Proctor and Gamble fortune called The first half of the movie is about all the negative things going on and conspiracy theories, however, the second part is offers really positive solutions to how to deal with and transform all these things in ways that the average person can be empowered. I was glad I stuck with to the end.

shawn - January 7, 2013

You nailed it on the head. Stresses & worries that we never had before are crowding around us with their icy fingers. We are working on beating them back with different thoughts and ideas that we put into practice but it is not the time for us to grow weary yet.
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    Julia - January 8, 2013

    Never grow weary and never, ever give up. Keep working your way away from the crowd and it gets easier. Thank you for your comment Shawn.

Minette Riordan - January 8, 2013

Great post, Julia. What a great perspective on money and personality. I have never worked for a big company, I have always worked for myself and I love being an entrepreneur. I have watched the shift and growth in small businesses and while it’s great. I don’t always see that people are prepared for what it takes to be a business owner. I am so glad you offer so much great advice to our younger generation as they move out into the work place today.
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    Julia - January 9, 2013

    Thank you for your positive comments and for adding to the conversation Minette. I very much appreciate your support. I agree that many people who start businesses either don’t have the skills required or are not really prepared for what’s involved to work the business they chose. Also, I want my young clients to try to have a deeper understanding of what it takes, in both life and business to be successful. Real success is more than making money.

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