What is My Target Market?

This is the fifth question on the Junior Achievement’s list of 20 questions to ask yourself before starting your business.  Why is this  an important question?  It is important because you need to know who you are going to market your products and/or services to.  I would even say that Who is my target market is more to the point.


Who is Your Target Market?

Define the people whom you are looking for and those looking for what you have to offer.  How old are they, where do they live, what do they do, and where do they hang out on the web?  What are their desires and their pain points?  What do they love?  Your little corner of the business world, your business, also known as your niche, should cater to the needs of your audience while also being true to yourself and what your passions and interests are.

Where Does Your Target Market Hang Out?

Do a Google search for forums within your niche as well as key word searches within Facebook and Twitter.  Build up your networks on social media so when you are ready to start monetizing your business, you can bring your ideal customer/client to your website.  Remember you are targeting an audience that is interested in what you have to say or what you are selling.

Let’s say make awesome jewelry and decide to sell your creations online.  What age group will love your jewelry?  Will you sell to the person who will wear it or to the person who buys it for them?  Where can you find these people?

Another good question to ask yourself is who do you want to hang out and establish relationships with?  Will they relate to your business idea?  If not, can you offer them something that will interest them so that they become a part of your audience, tribe, posse, family, fans, or whatever you choose to call it?

If you have a business that will have you relating one-on-one with your client or customer, ask yourself who that perfect person will be.  What do they like to do?  What do they spend their money on?  How do they use your product or service?

Don’t skip this step when making decisions about how to your business will look.  It is essential to have clarity on who your target market is in order  to create a successful marketing plan.  In this day and age on the internet, marketing is king.  Without a well thought-out marketing plan with clear goals and clear targets, you are at risk for failure.

Who is your perfect client/customer?

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Jan - October 24, 2012

Hi Julia, this is definately a step not to be missed or skimmed over. The more focused you are the better. I have names, personalities and profiles for my target clients, it certainly helps!
Jan recently posted…Facebook Frustration: Page Updates, Newsfeeds and Promoted PostsMy Profile

    Julia - October 25, 2012

    Thank you for adding to the conversation Jan. I love that you put so much into identifying your idea clients. The more focused we are, with as many specifics are we can identify, the easier it is to attract that client/customer.

Lena - October 24, 2012

I’m always struggling with this because there are lots of different women with different tastes that like style and fashion. I decided to target moms but I don’t use it on my tag line so I don’t lose other clients…
Lena recently posted…Fall 2012 Trends Part 4: Shoes & Accessories for FallMy Profile

    Julia - October 25, 2012

    Hi Lena. Thank you for sharing your struggle. Have you identified your clients by age, economic situation (in order words, women who can afford what you offer) and other such identifiers? Are you fashion items young, cool, sexy, professional, etc? For example, if you are selling casual clothing that would sell in Macy or Nordstrom and is young, colorful, elegantly designed, etc, then you are looking for young-middle age active women who are middle-upper middle class who are active and love color.

    Do you have more information about your moms? That might help.

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